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Info.png This is the talk page for 2013.
It may be used to discuss improvements to the article, or to discuss the subject 2013".
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Use this to add statistics to a roller coaster page. Just copy and paste into the article and fill in the blanks!

Be sure to use Imperial Units and US Dates in order for the conversion template to function properly.

{{Infobox roller coaster
|image        = 
|name         = 
|park         = 
|location     = 
|country      = 
|state        = 
|status       = 
|opened       = 
|closed       = 
|cost         = 
|restriction  = 
|manufacturer = 
|builder      = 
|designer     = 
|category1    = 
|category2    = 
|category3    = 
|category4    = 
|model        = 
|dimensions   = 
|riders/train = 
|riders/hour  = 
|lift/launch  = 
|height       = 
|drop         = 
|speed        = 
|length       = 
|duration     = 
|inversions   = 
|angle        = 
|g-force      = 
|other        = 

Use this to add past location info, in the parameter |past-locations=.

{{past location
 |park        = 
 |location    = 
 |country     = 
 |opened      = 
 |closed      = 
 |cost        = 
 |replaced    = 
 |replacement = 

Use this to add statistics to a theme park's page. Just copy and paste into the article and fill in the blanks!

{{Infobox amusement park
|image           = 
|name            = 
|location        = 
|country         = 
|status          = 
|owner           = 
|generalmanager  =
|opened          = 
|closed          = 
|area            = 
|previousnames   = 
|operatingseason = 
|website         = 
|map             = 
|maplink         = 

|type      =
|no/trains =
|no/cars   =
|across    =
|rows      =