Avenger (Fabbri product)

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Frisbe (Freij Entertainment) 2011 02.jpg
Frisbe in Shanghai
Status In production
 Fabbri, Italy
Hourly capacity 640
Capacity 32 per cycle
Height 15 metres
G-Force 3.5g

Avenger was a Frisbee product with inward-facing seats produced by Italian manufacturer Fabbri.

Completed Attractions

Name Owner Location Opened Status
Boomerang Fantasy World
Almaty, Kazakhstan
August 2011 operating
Black Fly Zoo Safaripark
Stuckenbrock, Germany
June 1999 closed 2015
Vepsen Kongeparken
Algard, Norway
2009 closed 2016
Dizzy Lizzy Six Flags New Orleans
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
May 20, 2000 August 2005
Boomerang Bazin Travelling 2004 or earlier operating
Black Fly West Midland Safari Park
Bewdley , UK
2002 operating
Frisbe Freij Entertainment International Travelling Unknown

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Closed 2002