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Big Apple (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

Big Apple (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

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roller coaster
Big Apple
Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Location Blackpool, Lancashire, England, UK
Status Defunct
Operated October 2003-2004 (Pleasure Beach)

1991-1999 (Frontierland Family Theme Park) 1990 (International Garden Festival)

Manufacturer Pinfari
Type Steel - Family
Model / product Big Apple MB28
Propulsion Chain Lift

Big Apple was a Pinfari steel kiddie roller coaster. It was located at a total of 2 parks.



Originally opened in 1990 at the Gateshead International Garden Festival.


The ride was relocated to Frontierland Family Theme Park, were it opened as Rattler in 1991. It closed in 1999. It had yellow track and green supports.

Pleasure Beach Blackpool

The ride appeared in 2003 at Blackpool Pleasure Beach as Big Apple. It only operated briefly however and closed in 2004. It was located within the perimeter of the Avalanche.


The track layout is the standard Big Apple/Wacky Wormlayout. Template:Pleasure Beach