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Coasterpedia (The Roller Coaster Wiki) is a wiki that documents roller coasters, amusement parks and all related companies, people and technology. Founded on August 1, 2009, it currently has 2,526 articles, almost all of which can be edited by you. It runs on MediaWiki, the same software used on Wikipedia. Currently, the project is hosted by Arvixe on a Linux shared-server. Coasterpedia is a non-profit, independent wiki with no advertisements whatsoever.

A brief history

The wiki was started on Wikia on August 1, 2009 by Kirby22. As is usual on Wikia, the founder created a handful of pages then disappeared. After almost one year, MontagnaMagica picks up the website and put lots of time in. Coasterpedia began to gain popularity, and numerous users came and went. A handful of users were promoted to admins.

As time went on, various admins have left the website. One of the admins at the time, User:Lachlan, proposed creating a new Coasterpedia on a free wiki host. The site was eventually moved to a shared server.

Because of the downgraded cPanel interface and the general controversial around GoDaddy, I switched hosting to Arvixe in June 2015. After a number of images became corrupted and dealing with a useless tech support team, I switched again, this time over to Dreamhost.

History of hosting:

  • April 2013 - June 2015 GoDaddy
  • June 2015 - April 2017 Arvixe
  • April 2017 - present Dreamhost


In March 2014, the default skin was changed to a modified version of Refreshed, developed by Brickimedia. This skin has several advantages to Vector. It adapts to fit mobile phones, tablets and desktops. Also, content looks less stretched on very large screens. It's also quite pretty, in my opinion!

Alternative skins Vector, MonoBook, CologneBlue, and Modern are still available in user preferences.


Coasterpedia recommends one of the following browsers as they display our content without issues:

  • Chrome
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • Firefox

There are some bugs with the rendering of Coasterpedia in Internet Explorer. If you are able to I urge you to not use any version of Internet Explorer and instead switch to one of the browsers above.

See also

I'm going to leave out the highly popular roller coaster websites you're probably already aware of here. Please feel free to contact us about this list.

  • The Coaster Consortium - A large Facebook group I occasionally contribute to.
  • Schwarzkopf Coaster Net - A very interesting little website with lots of photographs and statistics on Schwarzkopf rides.
  • NewsPlusNotes - A blog with news from all over the industry.
  • Vertical Horizons - A blog focusing on the rapidly expanding amusement park industry in China and other countries.
  • Coast2Coaster - Plots theme parks on Google maps, great for planning trips

Looking for a wiki host? Check out ShoutWiki - a service which allow wikis to be built, for free, on the MediaWiki software.