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This page serves as a guide to the various categories and types of coaster.

An equivalent article for non-coaster rides exists at Coasterpedia:Guide to ride types.

Classification[edit source]

Coaster types[edit source]

A coaster may be listed with multiple "types". Enter them in the order they appear here:

  1. Flying Turns at Knoebels breaks this as it's both a wooden coaster and a bobsled coaster.

Examples[edit source]

Name Manufacturer Class Type Opened Status
Arthur Mack Rides Powered Inverted Family July 2014 Operating
Possessed Intamin Roller Inverted Launched Shuttle May 17, 2008 Operating
Smiler Gerstlauer Roller Sit-Down May 31, 2013 Operating
Stinger Vekoma Roller Inverted Shuttle April 28, 2012 Closed 2017
Twister Reverchon Roller Sit-Down Spinning Wild Mouse May 2001 Closed May 30, 2019