Coasterpedia:Guide to coaster types

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This page serves as a guide to the various categories and types of coaster.

An equivalent article for non-coaster rides exists at Coasterpedia:Guide to ride types.


Coaster types

A coaster may be listed with multiple "types". Enter them in the order they appear here:

  1. Flying Turns at Knoebels breaks this as it's both a wooden coaster and a bobsled coaster.


Name Manufacturer Class Type Opened Status
Arthur Mack Rides Powered Inverted Family July 2014 Operating
Possessed Intamin Roller Inverted Launched Shuttle May 17, 2008 Operating
Smiler Gerstlauer Roller Sit-Down May 31, 2013 Operating
Stinger Vekoma Roller Inverted Shuttle April 28, 2012 Closed 2017
Twister Reverchon Roller Sit-Down Spinning Wild Mouse May 2001 Closed May 30, 2019