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Please read our privacy policy below. By using this website you confirm that you understand and agree with this policy.

What is Coasterpedia?

Coasterpedia used MediaWiki software hosted on Dreamhost Apache servers. It is run by user:Lachlan. It is not a business and does not make money. Coasterpedia does not run adverts of any kind, however articles with embedded YouTube videos may feature adverts in the video player. These are controlled by Google, not Coasterpedia.

What data is collected and why

Visited pages and IP addresses are recorded in our server logs. This is standard practice and is used only for the identification of bots or other visitors that may be misusing this website. Server logs are periodically deleted.

This website also uses Google Analytics. This service collects the following data:

  • City and country
  • Pages visited
  • Browser, device and screen resolution
  • Whether you are a new or returning visitor

This is collected directly via Google software. This information is anonymous and is not linked to information shared on user pages or account creation. Analytics data is only visible to user:Lachlan. Google Analytics may use cookies to improve data collection. A cookie may also be used to remember whether a user is logged in and to store your preferences for formatting measurements and dates in articles.

If an edit is saved and the user is not logged in, the IP address is recorded in the page history. This data is used only for attributing and grouping together contributions. If you do not wish to share your IP address publicly, please create an account.

Upon account creation, the user chooses what data they share with Coasterpedia. An email address is recommended, as we need it to reset a password, but not required. No personal information is required. No user under the age of 13 may share any personal information and must use a nickname when creating an account.

Coasterpedia and Tilt-A-Wiki do not share any information with third parties.

Your rights

For any questions or requests don't hesitate to contact us at

Contributions to this website are released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license and thus are irrevocable. However you may request to have your username changed or hidden and any contributions with personal information may be removed. As IP address may change it is not possible to remove all anonymous edits from a particular person.