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Custom Looping Coaster was a product offered by Arrow Dynamics. It spanned over twenty years, during which twenty-five were built. Arrow also produced two standardised layouts: the Corkscrew and the Loop & Corkscrew.

The first installation, Corkscrew at Cedar Point, opened in 1976 as the first roller coaster with three inversions. It was also Arrow's first custom inverting coaster and their first vertical loop. The same year, two installations both called Turn Of The Century opened, one at each Marriott's Great America location (now California's Great America and Six Flags Great America).

In 1977, Double Loop opened at Geauga Lake with the first back-to-back loops. The following year, Loch Ness Monster opens at Busch Gardens: The Old Country (now Busch Gardens Williamsburg) and introduced interlocking loops.

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25 April:

  • 2015 - Impulse at Knoebels in Pennsylvania, United States opened. It is the park's only inverting roller coaster.
  • 2015 - Tempesto at Busch Gardens Williamsburg in Virginia opened. It's the third of its design to open.
  • 2015 - Thunderbird at Holiday World in Indiana opened. It is the first launched roller coaster built by Bolliger & Mabillard.
  • 2009 - Insane at Gröna Lund in Sweden opened. It is a 4th Dimension roller coaster from Intamin.
  • 2009 - Rabalder, a family roller coaster from Zierer, opened at Liseberg in Sweden.
  • 2009 - Serpent, an S.D.C. Galaxi roller coaster, reopens at Kokomo's Family Fun Center in Michigan.
  • 2008 - Salama opened at Linnanmäki in Finland. It is a spinning roller coaster from Maurer AG.
  • 2003 - Greezed Lightin', a Schwarzkopf shuttle loop, reopens at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom.
  • 2003 - After modifications by Premier Rides, Schwarzkopf roller coaster Zonga opened at Six Flags Marine World (now Discovery Kingdom) in California.
  • 2002 - Lagunasia opens in Japan with a single roller coaster, Stellar Coaster.
  • 1992 - Flashback reopened at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California. It was the only "Space Diver" installation from Intamin.

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