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'''Energylandia''' is an [[amusement park]] located in Zator, Małopolskie, Poland.
'''Energylandia''' is an [[amusement park]] located in Zator, Małopolskie, Poland.
==Roller coasters==
==Roller coasters==
===Present (16)===
===Present (17)===
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amusement park
Zator, Małopolskie, Poland
Status Operating
Opened July 14, 2014
Website https://energylandia.pl/en/

Energylandia is an amusement park located in Zator, Małopolskie, Poland.

Roller coasters

Present (17)

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Status
Abyssus Vekoma Launched 2020 Under construction
Boomerang Vekoma Family shuttle April 29, 2017 Operating
Circus Coaster SBF Visa Group Powered April 17, 2017 Operating
Dragon Roller Coaster Vekoma Suspended June 4, 2015 Operating
Draken Preston & Barbieri Family July 20, 2019 Operating
Energuś Roller Coaster Vekoma Family May 2015 Operating
Formuła Vekoma Launched June 25, 2016 Operating
Frida Vekoma Family July 20, 2019 Operating
Frutti Loop Coaster SBF Visa Group Family Wacky Worm 2014 Operating
Hyperion Intamin Hyper July 14, 2018 Operating
Happy Loops SBF Visa Group Spinning 2017 Operating
Mars SBF Visa Group Family 2014 Operating
Mayan Roller Coaster Vekoma Inverted September 12, 2015 Operating
Speed Intamin Water April 2, 2018 Operating
Viking Roller Coaster SBF Visa Group Spinning July 14, 2014 Operating
Zadra Rocky Mountain Construction Hybrid August 22, 2019 Operating
unknown Vekoma Mine Train 2020 Under construction

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