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==Common types of article==
==Common types of article==
*[[Template:Infobox roller coaster|Steel roller coaster]]
*[[Template:Infobox roller coaster]]
*[[Template:Trains|Trains made by Intamin]]
===Other rides===
*[[Template:Infobox ride]]
===Amusement park===
===Amusement park===
*Tokyo Disneyland
*[[Template:Infobox amusement park]]
==Other useful templates==
==Other useful templates==
*[[Template:Infobox person]]
*[[Template:Infobox manufacturer]]

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Creating a page

This is a guide on how to create a new article on Coasterpedia.

Pages can be created by:

By default, the source code editor will open. If you wish to use the visual editor, publish the article then open it again in the visual editor.

Common types of article


Other rides

Amusement park

Other useful templates