Log Chute

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Log Chute
Nickelodeon Universe Mall of America
Location Bloomington, Minnesota, USA
Status Operating since August 11, 1992
Manufacturer Hopkins
Product Log flume

Log Chute is an indoor log flume located at Nickelodeon Universe Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, USA. The ride opened on August 11, 1992 as Paul Bunyan's Log Chute. It is also one of the original attractions at the park.


On August 1, 1998, a 12-year-old boy fell from the top of the ride. He reportedly became frightened and grabbed on to a railing at the top of the drop before falling out as his boat descended the drop. A ride operator stopped the ride, however at this point the boat had already begun to descend the drop. The boy was left in a critical condition and was on life support until he died two days later.[1]