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|Box title =Joker
|Box title = Statistics
|image =Video:Tony Hawk's Big Spin (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom) - OnRide - (720p)
|Row 1 title = Location
|imagewidth =300
|Row 1 info = [[Lakeside Amusement Park]]
|Row 1 title =Location
|Row 2 title = Manufacturer
|Row 1 info =[[Six Flags Discovery Kingdom]]
|Row 2 info = [[Zamperla]]
|Row 2 title=Opened
|Row 3 title = [[Inversions]]
|Row 2 info=2008
|Row 3 info = 0
|Row 3 title=Closed
|Row 3 info=2012
|Row 4 title =Riders per hour
|Row 4 info =1,400
|Row 5 title =Manufacturer
|Row 5 info =[[Gerstlauer]]
|Row 6 title =Height
|Row 6 info =53 feet ({{Meters|53|feet}} meters}}
|Row 7 title =Top speed
|Row 7 info =31 mph ({{Km/h|31|mph}} km/h)
|Row 8 title =[[Inversions]]
|Row 8 info =0
'''Joker''' is a [[Gerstlauer]] [[spinning]] [[roller coaster]] located at [[Six Flags México]] in Distrito Federal, Mexico.
Dragon is a [[Zamperla]] [[Kiddie Roller Coaster|kiddie]] [[roller coaster]] located at [[Lakeside Amusement Park]] in Denver, Colorado.
This ride originally opened at [[Six Flags Discovery Kingdom]] as ''Tony Hawk's Big Spin''. It was later renamed ''Pandemonium'' after the Tony Hawk licensing was lost by [[Six Flags]]. The ride replaced [[Tsunami (Isla San Marcos Parque Temático)|Zonga]], which stood at the location until 2006. It was dismantled in January 2012 to be moved and was replaced by [[Superman - Ultimate Flight (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)|Superman - Ultimate Flight]].
==Photo Gallery==
<gallery captionalign="left">
Tony Hawk's Big Spin.jpg|Tony Hawk's Big Spin/Pademonium 3D model
SFDK THBS car.jpg|Pademonium's skateboard themed car when the ride was called "Tony Hawk's Big Spin"
SFDK Pandemonium being dismantled.jpg|Pandemonium being dismantled
SFDK Pandemonuim car.jpg|One of Pandemonium's cars after the Tony Hawk dethemeing
*From October 2010 to early 2011 the ride was called "Big Spin" and all Tony Hawk references were removed.
*There used to video cameras in the cars and riders could buy a video of their ride, the feature is now discontinued.
*There was a cut out of Tony Hawk near the top of the coaster when the coaster was "Tony Hawk's Big Spin".
*The cars are made to look like skateboards.
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