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Difference between revisions of "Oakwood Theme Park"

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Oakwood Theme Park
Oakwood Theme Park logo.png
Narberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK
Status Operating
Opened May 23, 1987
Owner Aspro Parks
The entrance to the park in 2017

Oakwood Theme Park (formerly Oakwood Leisure Park or Oakwood Coaster Country) is an amusement park in Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK. The park attracts around 400,000 visitors each year.


Oakwood was opened in 1987 as a very small family park with BMXs, a wooden fort, a 3D-style cinema experience show, go-karts and a water chute ride. It was owned by the McNamara family until early 2008, when it was sold to Aspro Parks.[1]

Present roller coasters

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Status
Circus Clown Pinfari Kiddie 1997 Operating
Creepy Crawler Pinfari Sit-Down August 1, 2017 Operating
Crocodile Coaster Unknown Kiddie May 25, 2013 Operating
Megafobia Custom Coasters International Wooden 1996 Operating
Speed Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter April 13, 2006 Operating
Treetops Rollercoaster Zierer Family 1989 Operating