Pleasure Dome

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Pleasure Dome
Pleasure Dome (Marshall Hill) 2014 01.jpg
Pleasure Dome in 2014
Marshall Hill (UK)
Location Travelling
Status Operating since 2008
Atlantis Family Amusement Park (loan)
Location Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England
Operated During 2007
Dreamland Margate (loan)
Location Margate, Kent, England
Operated During 2006
Terry Hill (UK)
Location Travelling
Operated 1976 to 2007
John Webb & Tucker Stirling (UK)
Location Travelling
Operated February 1975 to 1975
Swaley Bolesworth (UK)
Location Travelling
Operated 1973 to February 1975
Bob Wilson (UK)
Location Travelling
Operated 1964 to 1972
George Redvers Wallis (UK)
Location Travelling
Operated February 1963 to 1963
Manufacturer H.P. Jackson
Product Waltzer

Pleasure Dome is a Waltzer built by UK manufacturer H.P. Jackson currently owned & travelled by UK showman Marshall Hill.