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Types of roller coaster
Common types of roller coaster made by more than one manufacturer.
4th DimensionMagnifying glass.png
Avalanche (Blackpool Pleasure Beach) onride.jpg
BobsledMagnifying glass.png
FlyingMagnifying glass.png
Batman The Ride (Six Flags Magic Mountain) train.jpg
InvertedMagnifying glass.png
Colorado Adventure Phantasialand Mine Train.jpg
Mine TrainMagnifying glass.png
Velocity train closeup.jpg
MotorbikeMagnifying glass.png
Ultra Twister (Six Flags AstroWorld) 01.jpg
PipelineMagnifying glass.png
Scenic Railway (Luna Park Australia).jpg
Side FrictionMagnifying glass.png
Fairly Odd Coaster (Nickelodeon Universe) car.jpg
SpinningMagnifying glass.png
Stand-Up coaster.png
Stand-UpMagnifying glass.png
Iron dragon 03.jpg
SuspendedMagnifying glass.png
X-Flight (Six Flags Great America) train.jpg
WingedMagnifying glass.png
Types of ride produced by one manufacturer.
Dive CoasterMagnifying glass.png
Superman La Atracción de Acero train.jpg
Floorless CoasterMagnifying glass.png