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'''S&S-Sansei Technologies''' is a [[roller coaster]] [[manufacturer]] located in Logan, Utah USA.<ref>http://www.engineeringexcitement.com/company/contacts</ref>
==Arrow Dynamics==
{{Main|Arrow Dynamics}}
In 2002, S&S Power purchased the bankrupt [[Arrow Dynamics]], renaming it S&S Arrow.
[[File:S&S_Worldwide_Power_Manufacturer_Logo.png|thumb|left|The former S&S Worldwide logo]]
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S&S-Sansei Technologies
Website http://engineeringexcitement.com

S&S-Sansei Technologies is a roller coaster manufacturer located in Logan, Utah USA.[1]

Arrow Dynamics

Main article Arrow Dynamics.

In 2002, S&S Power purchased the bankrupt Arrow Dynamics, renaming it S&S Arrow.


The former S&S Worldwide logo