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Status Defunct
Founded 1960
Key people Anton Schwarzkopf

Schwarzkopf was a German roller coaster manufacturer. The company was founded and run by Anton Schwarzkopf.[1]

Schwarzkopf patented a suspended roller coaster in the mid-1980s.[2] However none were built.


The Schwarzkopf company first worked on amusement rides in 1954, making modifications to existing rides. Previously, the company built trailers and caravans for showpeople and the circus. In 1960, Anton Schwarzkopf took over the company from his father. From 1964, Schwarzkopf manufactured roller coasters with Werner Stengel and his company handling the design and calculations.

Schwarzkopf Industries went bankrupt in 1983. Until his retirement in 1995, Anton Schwarzkopf continued to design roller coasters in conjunction with Werner Stengel and manufacturer BHS.[3]

Roller coasters

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Portable inverting roller coasters: