Sky Diver (Ivan Hayen)

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Sky Diver
Ivan Hayen (Belgium)
Location Travelling
Status Defunct
Operated 2006 to 2014
Snoeren (Netherlands)
Location Travelling
Operated During 2005
Greif (Belgium)
Location Travelling
Operated 2003 or later to 2004
Funland Hayling Island
Location Hayling Island, Hampshire, England, UK
Operated 1995 to 2002
Brean Theme Park
Location Brean, Somerset, England, UK
Operated 1991 to 1994
Replaced Super Trooper
Replaced by Pod Racer
George Guyatt
Location Travelling
Operated November 1980 to 1990
Manufacturer Harry Steer Engineering
Product Paratrooper
Capacity 30 per cycle

Sky Diver was a Lifting Paratrooper built by UK manufacturer Harry Steer Engineering previously owned & travelled by Belgian showman Ivan Hayen. The ride was later exported to Morocco.

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