Stricker's Grove

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Stricker's Grove
Stricker's Grove Logo.png
amusement park
Ross, Ohio, USA
Status Operating
Opened 1924

Stricker's Grove is a family owned amusement park located in Ross, Ohio, USA. Unlike other amusement parks, Stricker's Grove is closed to the public for most of the year. Instead, it is rented out for private functions, such as weddings. The park is open to the public for 8 days of every year, on July 4, 4 days in mid July for the Hamilton County 4-H Community Fair, the second Sunday in August (Family Day), Labor Day, and a Sunday in October called "Customer Appreciation Day".

Roller coasters


Name Manufacturer Type Opened Status
Teddy Bear Ralph Stricker Wood 1996 Operating
Tornado Al Collins Wood 1993 Operating