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Lachlan (talkcontribs)

Okay lets try and clear this up! Let me know your thoughts.

I've created pages for the Madhouse (ride type) and Mystic Swing (powered and unpowered). My personal opinion is that these types are different enough to warrant their own pages, as the Mad House is a clear step up from the Mystic/Haunted swing. However this may change if I find more swing rides that fit inbetween a Mystic Swing and a Madhouse, size wise.

A user has asked what system is used to name rides. There isn't one, as up until recently @Jason foulkes was the only person who edited ride articles. Naturally this means ride naming is skewed towards British names. So I have the following ideas to create a "system" so it is clear to new users how to name things:

  • Keep doing the same and use the British names, and make this the naming policy.
  • Use whichever name is the most appropriate, depending on the ride location, owner, decoration etc. No consistent names.
  • Decide upon the most well known/most used name for each ride type and use that. The policy is that users must refer to ride types according to a list which will be created.

In all three cases, redirects are used to direct users to a single article on each ride type. I still plan to make a page with a list of ride types and what they are called in different locations.


  • Cha Cha/Sizzler,
  • Bumper Cars /
  • Gallopers /
Lachlan (talkcontribs)

Also want to add, I'm still learning about the different ride types myself and couldn't tell you what most of them are. So what I suggest may not be the best idea!


Jason foulkes (talkcontribs)

The lines are often blurred when it comes to categorising rides into 'types' irrelevant of manufacturer, so it's not easy. I do believe a consistent naming system needs to be used though to exploit the site to its full potential.

A good example of where lines are blurred is the Scrambler Twist: Eli Bridge Company invented the ride under the name "Scrambler", which is still widely used in North America. However, Wisdom Industries (also US) invented the "Sizzler" - this name is widely used in the States, however it is also the most common name for a Twist in the UK, as PWS Rides have produced over machines 100 using that name. "Sizzler" is also used in Australia & New Zealand, although Cha-Cha is also used! To confuse matters further the likes of Germany & Netherlands tend to refer to the rides simply as a "Calypso", although they feature a different drive system and gondola types to traditional Calypso rides. In Spain the ride is known as a "Zig Zag" as this is the name Spanish companies A.P.E. and Safeco gave to their versions.

That's just one example!


Lachlan (talkcontribs)

I can get to grips with the American and British names, but having three or four different names for the same/similar things is going to confuse me. So yeah I'm thinking create a page with a list of ride types and refer readers and editors to that. Unfortunately this probably means having to use American ride names as that's where the majority of viewers come from.

As for what a "type" is, I think of it the same way as the "type" or "category" on roller coaster articles - definitions that group multiple manufacturers' rides together. That's why "Inverted" or "Bobsled" are considered different types of ride but "Euro-Fighter" isn't, for example.

I'm happy to create and maintain a list of rides if you'll check it for me. What we have on the Tilt-A-Wiki main page is a good start.

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Antonietta Carruthers (talkcontribs)

How are You

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Antonietta Carruthers (talkcontribs)

How are you!

DJW (talkcontribs)

"gallopers" is actually a British term referring to rides with galloping horses most famously built by Savages of kings Lynn

Lachlan (talkcontribs)

Thanks for this I think in the end we decided just to leave things as they are now, even though some rides were inaccurately labelled as "Gallopers" or "Merry-Go-Round". I think the direction of travel (clockwise or anticlockwise) also comes into it? We discussed it more on the Discord channel but didn't come to an agreement!

Antonietta Carruthers (talkcontribs)

Stunt Pilot Opened in May 29 2021

Lachlan (talkcontribs)

Indeed, and we've got a Stunt Pilot article here: Stunt Pilot