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amusement park
Erie, Pennsylvania, USA
Status Operating
Opened 1896

Waldameer is an amusement park and water park in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA. It was originally a trolley park when it opened in 1896.

Roller coasters[edit | edit source]

Present[edit | edit source]

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Status
Comet Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters, Inc. Wooden 1951 Operating
Ravine Flyer 3 E&F Miler Industries Family 2000 Operating
Ravine Flyer II The Gravity Group, LLC Hybrid May 17, 2008 Operating
Steel Dragon Maurer Rides GmbH Spinning July 2, 2004 Operating

Past[edit | edit source]

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Relocated
Figure Eight T. M. Harton Wooden 1902 1937 -
Ravine Flyer Harry C. Baker, John A. Miller Wooden 1922 1938 -
Scenic Railway Frederick Ingersoll Wooden 1907 1919 -

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