Wild Mouse (Codona's Amusement Park)

Roller coaster
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Wild Mouse
Codona's Amusement Park
Location Aberdeen, Scotland, UK
Status Defunct
Operated 1973 to 1977
Ayr Amusement Park
Location Ayr, Scotland, UK
Operated 1966 or earlier to 1972
Manufacturer Maxwell
Product Wild Mouse
Type Hybrid - Wild Mouse
Riders per train 2
Propulsion Chain lift hill
Inversions 0
An article on Codona's Amusement Park from 1977 which mentions the Wild Mouse

Wild Mouse was a hybrid wild mouse roller coaster built by UK manufacturer Maxwell that was previously located at Codona's Amusement Park in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.

The Wild Mouse can be seen in this photograph dated 1974.

A newspaper report from October 1977 quotes Alan Codona: "In the past seven months we have been negotiating for a new £100,000 Italian Big Dipper ride to replace the Wild Mouse".

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