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{{Infobox roller coaster
|Box title =Revolution
|image =Video:Irn-Bru Revolution (Pleasure Beach Blackpool) - OnRide - (720p)
|imagewidth =300
|park=[[Lakeside Amusement Park]]
|Row 1 title =Park
|location=Denver, Colorado, USA
|Row 1 info =[[Pleasure Beach Blackpool]]
|Row 2 title =Location
|status=[[Standing but not operating]]
|Row 2 info =Blackpool, England
|Row 3 title =Opened
|Row 3 info =1979
|Row 4 title =Manufacturer
|Row 4 info =[[Arrow Dynamics]]
|Row 5 title =Type
|Row 5 info =[[Shuttle]]
|Row 6 title =Height
|Row 6 info =56 feet (17.1 Metres)
|Row 7 title =Drop
|Row 7 info =47 feet (14.3 Metres)
|Row 8 title =Top speed
|model=Powered Coaster (Twin Helix)
|Row 8 info =45 mph (72.4 km/h)
|Row 9 title =Length
|Row 9 info =635 feet (193.5 Metres)
|Row 10 title =Duration
|Row 10 info =1:06
|Row 11 title =Track [[Inversions]]
|Row 11 info =1
|Row 12 title =Rider [[Inversions]]
|Row 12 info =2
|Row 13 title =Steepest Drop
|Row 13 info =52°
|Row 14 title =Maximum [[G-Force]]
|Row 14 info =4G
'''Revolution''' is an [[Arrow Dynamics]] [[shuttle]] [[roller coaster]] located at [[Pleasure Beach Blackpool]] in Blackpool, England. It was Europe's first fully [[Inversions|inverting]] roller coaster. Until the introduction of [[Infusion]], it was the parks only looping coaster.
'''Dragon''' is a [[Zamperla]] [[Kiddie Roller Coaster|kiddie]] [[roller coaster]] located at [[Lakeside Amusement Park]] in Denver, Colorado.
Revolution opened in 1979 with red with white [[supports]]. In the 1990s Bru sponsored Revolution, renaming the ride "Irn-Bru Revolution" and repainting it orange with blue [[supports]]. This sponsorship deal ended in 2011, and all Irn-Bru branding was removed. It was repainted silver and was renamed simply "Revolution".
The ride features two raised platforms (one of wich is the [[station]]) and a [[vertical loop]]. The train is [[launched]] out of the [[station]] and through the [[vertical loop]], on to the second platform. The train is then launched backwards through the [[vertical loop]], reaches the station and the ride ends.
*This [[Shuttle Loop Coaster]] is unique as it has a cantilevered [[Support|support structure]].
[[Category:Powered Coaster (Twin Helix)]]
{{Pleasure Beach}}
[[Category:Twin Helix]]
[[Category:Roller Coasters]]
[[Category:Arrow Dynamics]]
[[Category:Shuttle Roller Coasters]]
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roller coaster
Lakeside Amusement Park
Location Denver, Colorado, USA
Status Standing but not operating
Operated 1989 to 2008-2012
Manufacturer Zamperla
Type Steel - Powered - Family
Model / product Powered Coaster (Twin Helix)
Riders per train 20
Length280 feet

Dragon is a Zamperla kiddie roller coaster located at Lakeside Amusement Park in Denver, Colorado. Template:Box1 start This page needs a POV. You can help Coasterpedia by adding one! Template:Boxes end