Allan Herschell Company

Allan Herschell Company
Status Defunct
In business 1915 to 1970

Allan Herschell Company was an amusement rides company that specialized in flat rides and roller coasters. They mainly focused on carousels and coasters that were ideal for traveling carnivals or fairs. The company was acquired by Chance Rides in 1970, which continued using the Allan Herschell name for a time.[1]


Allan Herschell founded the company in 1915. He had previously served as a partner at Armitage Herschell Company and later with Herschell-Spillman Company.

While the company originally fabricated carousels, it later expanded to include larger amusement rides. Much of this growth happened under the ownership of John Wendler from the 1930s onward.

The company moved to Buffalo, New York in the 1950s before being sold to Chance Rides.[2]


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