Batflyer (Duinrell)

Roller coaster in the Netherlands
The station building in 2018
Location Wassenaar, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Coordinates 52°08′43″N 4°22′48″E / 52.145391°N 4.380087°E / 52.145391; 4.380087
Status Defunct
Cost 3.5 million Dutch guilders[1]
Manufacturer Caripro
Product Batflyer
Type Steel - Suspended - Single rail - Kiddie - Twin
Riders per train 2
Inversions 0

Batflyer was a steel twin suspended roller coaster located at Duinrell in the Netherlands. Due to technical problems, it never opened to the public.

The station was situated above the station for the park's railway, the structure still exists today.


This roller coaster was installed for the 1997 season, but its opening was delayed due to technical problems.[1] The cars traveled too fast for parts of the ride and would sometimes stall. In late 2001, the park announced that due to continued problems with the ride it had lost 2 million guilder, and that it would be removing the Batflyer.[2]



Unlike most Batflyers, the ride didn't use a elevator lift. This was most likely done since Duinrell isn't allowed to build above the treeline. It is not exactly know what system was used, but a cable lift is presumed.

Colour scheme

Unpainted track and green supports.


Single cars. Riders are arranged inline in 2 rows, for a total of 2 riders per car.


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