Coasterpedia:Article Improvement Project

The Article Improvement Project is a project whose goal is to create a more informative wiki through the addition of new information to existing articles. A finished page should be as close as possible to the Perfect Article. Obviously, one does not need to edit every single article to help, just edit as many pages as you feel necessary. See below for a list of the goals of this project.


Note: Not every item on the list needs to be done at once. They can be done by different users at different times.

  • Edit the infobox so that there are no unnecessary spaces and there is as much information as possible.
  • Add to, or edit the article so that it is divided into well-organized sections, such as "Name", "Theme", "History", and "Trivia".
  • Include all the proper categories, such as, manufacturer, type, and opening year.
  • If possible, upload photos of the ride or park and include them in a photo gallery at the bottom of the page.


Article Improvement Award Article Improvement Award

This person has contributed to the Article Improvement Project.

Participants in this project will be given the "Article Improvement Project" award for their help. This is an award that is only available for a limited time.


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