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Zyklon (Botton's Pleasure Beach) 1979.jpg

An on-ride photograph of Zyklon at Botton's Pleasure Beach taken in 1979. This roller coaster sat on top of an amusement arcade and offered panoramic views of the Skegness seafront.

Zipper (North American Midway Entertainment) 2012 Canadian National Exhibition.jpg

A Zipper ride in motion. This particular example travels with North American Midway Entertainment and recently underwent a full refurbishment.

Supreme Waltzer (Paul Nichols) St Giles Fair 2010.jpg

The Waltzer, a British classic.

Barnstormer (Adventure Island) 2010 03.jpg

The Tivoli roller coaster from German firm Zierer proved popular, being installed in over 80 locations worldwide. This particular example is the Barnstormer on the Southend seafront

Round-Up (N.J. Valley Amusements) 2012 Hunterdon County Fair.jpg

Would you trust a ride from the 1950s with no safety harness? That's exactly what the Round-Up is, but don't worry, centripetal force will keep you in place.

Vliegende Hollander (Efteling) 2011 01.jpg

The only coaster built by KumbaK, Vliegende Hollander was delayed by one year and Intamin were brought in to finish the project. Now, this water coaster takes riders on an immersive experience telling the story of shipwrecked captain Willem van der Decken.

Puss in Boots' Giant Journey (Universal Studios Singapore) 2015 01.jpg

Puss in Boots' Giant Journey is a unique roller coaster located at Universal Studios Singapore. Its cars seat three riders per row - a rarity in the coaster world. Do you know any other roller coasters that seat three riders per row?

Tigor Mountain (Beto Carrero World) 2014 01.jpg

The track layout of Tigor Mountain at Beto Carrero World may appear odd - who would design a coaster that never reaches the ground? The reason is that this coaster spent its first nine years indoors, operating above other children's rides.

Elevador (Beto Carrero World) 2015 01.jpg

Elevador at Beto Carrero World, an Intamin Free Fall ride. This ride is now closed, but is expected to reopen at a new Brazillian park in 2021.

WildCat (Cedar Point) 2008 01.jpg

WildCat was a roller coaster at Cedar Point. Replacing an identical roller coaster in 1979, it was a constant in the rapidly changing amusement park until its removal in 2012. Parts of the ride live on at the National Roller Coaster Museum.

Wave Swinger (Talley Amusements) 2016 01.jpg

Wave Swinger, owned by Talley Amusements, sitting deserted at night.

Timber Falls (Pleasurewood Hills) 2010 02.jpg

Timber Falls is the third name given to this log flume at Pleasurewood Hills. Previously called White Water Falls and later Mellow Yellow, it is one of many log flumes manufactured by the French firm Reverchon.

Ortobruco Tour train.jpg

A "Wacky Worm" but not as you know it. Ortobruco Tour at Garaland in Italy is a unique family roller coaster from Pinfari.

Longfeng Roller Coaster (Chuanlord Holiday Manor) 2018 02.jpg

It may appear overgrown but this Chinese-built roller coaster is very much operational. Longfeng Roller Coaster at Chuanlord Holiday Manor offers some strong g-forces in its vertical loop.

Formule X at Drievliet.jpg

This inversion really looks like a loop from this angle, but it is actually an immelmann! Formule X is a launched coaster from Maurer AG.

Dreamland Margate 2018 aerial view.jpg

An aerial view of Dreamland Margate, home to the Scenic Railway, the oldest roller coaster in the United Kingdom. Following almost a decade closed, Dreamland was reopened in 2015 following the "Save Dreamland" campaign.

Aqua Wind.jpg

Aqua Wind at Lagunasia in Japan, at night. This is a unique wild mouse roller coaster from German firm Gerstlauer.

Policy Pond Saw Mill (Canobie Lake Park) 2019 15.jpg

Policy Pond Saw Mill, a log flume at Canobie Lake Park. The station mimics a 19th-century saw mill and was built using trees felled at the park.

CraZanity (Six Flags Magic Mountain) 2018 01.jpg

CraZanity at Six Flags Magic Mountain is the world's tallest frisbee ride. It reaches a maximum height of 52 metres (172 feet).

Flight Of The Pterosaur (Paultons Park) 01.jpg

Flight of the Pterosaur at Paultons Park, one of two coasters which opened with the new Lost Kingdom themed area in 2016. Another new themed area called Tornado Springs will open in 2021.

Takabisha (Fuji-Q Highland) 2011 02.jpg

Takabisha at Fuji-Q Highland in Japan. With seven inversions and a drop at 121 degrees, it was the steepest roller coaster in the world until the construction of a clone in the United States with a drop half a degree steeper.

Viper (Six Flags Magic Mountain) batwing.jpg

A train traversing the batwing element, part of Viper at Six Flags Magic Mountain. One of three roller coasters built by Arrow Dynamics with seven inversions, and the only one still operating.

Taifun (Tykkimäki) 2019 01.jpg

Taifun, a Condor installation from HUSS, at its highest point.

Big Bad Wolf final drop and track (train at bottom).jpg

Big Bad Wolf, an Arrow suspended roller coaster missed by many since its closure in 2009.

Mr. Freeze (Six Flags St. Louis) 2003 01.jpg

Opened in the spring of 1998, Mr. Freeze at Six Flags Over Texas and its mirror clone at Six Flags St. Louis briefly held the record for the tallest inversion on any roller coaster. That record was taken by the defunct Volcano The Blast Coaster at Kings Dominion, which opened in August of the same year.

Mighty Axe (Knott's Camp Snoopy) 2007 03.jpg

Mighty Axe at Knott's Camp Snoopy, later known as Tak Attack when Camp Snoopy became Nickelodeon Universe. It was the first attraction at the park which inverted its riders.

Matterhorn (Cedar Point) 2018 01.jpg

Matterhorn at Cedar Point at night.

Sablen (Djurs Sommerland) 2014 01.jpg

The sword-shaped Sablen drop tower at Djurs Sommerland

Whale Adventures - Northern Lights (Europa Park) 2010 01.jpg

Whale Adventures - Northern Lights at Europa Park

ISpeed (Mirabilandia) 2010 01.jpg

iSpeed at Mirabilandia

New Texas Giant (Six Flags Over Texas) 2011 01.jpg

New Texas Giant at Six Flags Over Texas

Rocket (Thomas Weber) 2009 01.jpg

Thomas Weber's Rocket in 2009

Octopus (Haghtanak Park) 2014 01.jpg

Octopus at Haghtanak Park in 2014