Coasterpedia:Wiki News

This page is for documentation of all the happenings on this wiki.


February 13

Roller Coaster Wiki is featured on Wikia's Lifestyle Hub.


July 26

Lachlan5963 became an administrator.

March 16

RCDB contacted us, stating that we must remove all images taken from them.

January 8

Kata89 and NamekianFusion become administrators.


December 31

Jabberjay78 is granted rollback privileges.

October 11

NamekianFusion is granted rollback privileges.

September 20

Kata89 is granted rollback privileges.

September 16

The wiki was spotlighted for a third time.

July 21

The official YouTube channel was created.

June 30

The chat feature is activated.

June 20

Bryce53 is granted rollback privileges.

June 11

A background featuring Judge Roy Scream was added.

May 20

The official Facebook page was created.

April 2

The "Roller Coaster Year Search" feature was added.

April 1

The "Theme Park Tree View" feature was added.

February 24

Coasterpedia is spotlighted by Wikia a second time.

February 9

The Manual of Style was created.

February 8

The Awards system was implemented.

January 28

The colors of the wiki were updated.


August 4

Coasterpedia is spotlighted by wikia.

June 8

MontagnaMagica becomes the bureaucrat.

June 4

The project of adding a POV for every roller coaster began with this video.

March 19

MontagnaMagica makes his first article, Six Flags Magic Mountain. He hadn't yet made an account.


November 15

Dolphanatic becomes an administrator.

August 2

The first page was created. It was originally an article for Goliath at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

August 1

Kirby22 created the wiki.