Compact Spinning Coaster

The Compact Spinning Coaster is a model produced by SBF Visa Group. It is a family spinning roller coaster which uses drive tyres to propel the train.

Roller coasters

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Name Park Country Type Opened Status
3 Loops Coaster Central Park
3 Loop 2018 Operating
African Spin Tatzmania Löffingen
3 Loop August 3, 2018 Operating
Bisværmen Tivoli Friheden
3 Loop April 9, 2016 Operating
Blastin' Barrels Cultus Lake Adventure Park
2 Loop 2015 Operating
Crazy 8 Fun Haven
2 Loop December 14, 2016 Operating
Cruiser Coaster Craig's Cruisers Family Fun Center
United States
2 Loop February 2, 2018 Operating
Happy Loops Energylandia
3 Loop 2017 Operating
Krazy Koaster Silverwood Theme Park
United States
2 Loop 2014 Operating
Rattler Alley Cats
United States
2 Loop November 2017 Operating
Rum Runner Twinlakes Park
2 Loop 2018 Operating
Spinning Coaster Cannon Hill Park
2 Loop June 12, 2016 Operating
Spinning Coaster Travelling with Fiesta Shows
United States
2 Loop Operating
Spinning Family Coaster Travelling with Butler Amusements
United States
2 Loop 2015 Operating
Twiztlers Funtazmo
2 Loop May 5, 2016 Operating
Whirlwind Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach
2 Loop May 23, 2015 Operating
Whirlwind Playland's Castaway Cove
United States
2 Loop May 27, 2016 Operating