Etnaland logo.png
Belpasso, Sicily, Italy
Status Operating
Opened 2001

Etnaland is an amusement park situated south of Mount Etna in Sicily, Italy. It opened as an amusement park in 2013, but has existed for some time prior, with the opening of a waterpark in 2001.[1]

Present roller coasters

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Status
Eldorado S&S Worldwide Sit-Down April 20, 2013 Operating
Hip Hop Coaster Zamperla Family April 20, 2013 Operating
Miao Coaster SBF Visa Group Family 2014 Operating
Storm Mack Rides Sit-Down April 20, 2013 Operating

Present Attractions

Name Manufacturer Type Opened
1900 th SBF Visa Group Track Ride April 20, 2013
Babele SBF Visa Group Junior Drop Tower 2014
Billow Balloon Zamperla Balloon Tower April 20, 2013
Brave Kart Sela Group Go-Karts April 20, 2013
Camellotto Zamperla Jump Around 2014
Casa dei 44 Gatti Unknown Tracked dark ride July 16, 2021
Ciclopina's Tower Zamperla Junior Drop Tower April 20, 2013
Crocodile Rapids HAFEMA Water Rides River Rapids 2005
Dragon River HAFEMA Water Rides Log Flume 2012
Drifting Karts Unknown Go-Karts 2015
Etnaland Tower S&S Worldwide Drop Tower April 20, 2013
Funivia Unknown Ropeway April 20, 2013
Gran Carillon SBF Visa Group Carousel 2014
Guardie e Lardi Zamperla Crazy Daisy April 20, 2013
Jungle Splash Intamin Shoot The Chute 2010
Kaos Mack Rides Twist 'n' Splash April 20, 2013
Kasimiro Zamperla Junior Railway April 20, 2013
LeleFante SBF Visa Group Junior Pirate Ship 2014
Mini Tornado Zamperla Junior Jets April 20, 2013
Mini Vortigo SBF Visa Group Junior Top Spin 2014
Quasar Zamperla Disk'O April 20, 2013
Revo-Rock 360 Zamperla Frisbee 2015
Rondò Zamperla Junior Ferris Wheel 2014
School Gosetto Tracked Dark Ride April 20, 2013
TazzeMatte SBF Visa Group Junior Teacups 2014
Twistarello SBF Visa Group Junior Chair-O-Plane 2014
Vortigo Zamperla Top Spin April 20, 2013


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