Amusement park in Germany
Europa Park logo.png
Rust, Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany
Status Operating
Opened 12 July 1975
Owner EUROPA – PARK Freizeit- und Familienpark Mack KG
The entrance in 2008

Europa-Park is the most popular theme park in Germany. Having well over 4 million visitors in 2009, it is the most popular seasonal theme park in the world and is only behind Disneyland Park at Disneyland Paris resort (which opens year-round) in Europe. Europa-Park is located in Rust, Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany. The park is split into fifteen different areas, mostly named after European countries or regions. Europa-Park is run by the Mack family, which have produced vehicles since 1780, circus wagons since 1880 and roller coasters since 1921. The park was opened in 1975 as a showcase for many of their different ride models - for example, the Wild Mouse roller coaster. It has thirteen roller coasters.

Present Roller Coasters (14)

Class Name Manufacturer Type Opened Status
Powered Alpenexpress "Enzian" Mack Rides Family 1984 Operating
Powered Arthur Mack Rides Suspended
July 2014 Operating
Roller Atlantica SuperSplash Mack Rides Water March 19, 2005 Operating
Roller Ba-a-a Express ART Engineering Kiddie July 13, 2016 Operating
Roller Blue fire Megacoaster Mack Rides Launched April 4, 2009 Operating
Roller Euro-Mir Mack Rides Spinning June 12, 1997 Operating
Roller Eurosat - CanCan Coaster Mack Rides Enclosed August 5, 1989 Operating
Roller Matterhorn Blitz Mack Rides Wild Mouse March 25, 1999 Operating
Roller Pegasus Mack Rides Family May 25, 2006 Operating
Roller Poseidon Mack Rides Water July 12, 2000 Operating
Roller Schweizer Bobbahn Mack Rides Bobsled 1985 Operating
Roller Silver Star Bolliger & Mabillard Hyper March 23, 2002 Operating
Roller Wodan Timbur Coaster Great Coasters International Wooden March 31, 2012 Operating
Roller Voltron Coaster Mack Rides Sit-Down 2024 Under construction



Name Manufacturer Type Opened
Abenteuer Atlantis Mack Rides Tracked Dark Ride 2007
Arena of Football Bertazzon Dodgems 2006
British Carousel Mack Rides Carousel 1981
Crazy Taxi Zamperla Crazy Daisy 2008
Dancing Dingie Zierer Rockin' Tug 2016
Elfenfahrt Mack Rides Scenic Boat Ride 1979
EP-Express Von Roll Monorail 1995
Euro-Tower Intamin Observation Tower 1983
Feria Swing Mack Rides Matterhorn 1994
Fjord-Rafting Intamin River Rapids 1991
Fliegender Holländer Mack Rides Sea Storm 1982
Fluch der Kassandra Mack Rides Madhouse 2000
Geisterschloss Mack Rides Tracked Dark Ride 1982
Jim Knopf – Reise durch Lummerland Mack Rides Track Ride 1977
Josefinas Kaiserliche Zauberreise Mack Rides Scenic Boat Ride 1978
Jungfrau-Gletscherflieger Mack Rides Suspended Polyp 1989
Koffiekopjes Mack Rides Teacups 1985
Kolumbusjolle Mack Rides Sea Storm 1994

Lada Autodrom

Mack Rides Track Ride 1987
London Bus Zamperla Junior Flying Carpet 2008
Madame Freudenreich Curiosités Mack Rides Tracked Dark Ride 1994
Marionetten-Bootsfahrt Mack Rides Scenic Boat Ride 1992
Mini-Scooter Mack Rides / Ihle Junior Dodgems 1977
Monorail Mack Rides Monorail 1990
Mül-Müls Karussell Zamperla Jump Around 2014
Old Mac Donald's Tractor Fun Metallbau Emmeln Track Ride 2016
Oldtimer-Fahrt Mack Rides Track Ride 1976
Panoramabahn Chance Rides Miniature Railway 1975
Piccolo Mondo Mack Rides Tracked Dark Ride 1982
Piraten in Batavia Mack Rides Dark Boat Ride 2020
Poppy Towers Zierer Junior Drop Tower x2 2014
Quipse Paddle Boats Klarer Freizeitanlagen Venture River 2001
Roter Baron Mack Rides Junior Jets 1980
Schlittenfahrt Schneeflöckchen Mack Rides Tracked Dark Ride 1998
Sheep Rock Mack Rides Roundabout 1990
Silverstone-Piste Mack Rides / Ihle Track Ride 1975
Snorri Touren Tacumeon Rides Tracked Dark Ride 2019
Spinning Dragons Mack Rides Calypso 1993
Tiroler Wildwasserbahn Mack Rides Log Flume 1978
Tower Tow Sunkid Heege Tower 2002
Vindjammer HUSS Pirate Ship 1993
Voletarium Brogent Flying Theatre 2017
Volo da Vinci ETF Ride Systems Suspended Monorail 2011
Whale Adventures - Northern Lights Mack Rides Splash Battle 2010
Wichtelhausen Mack Rides Track Ride 1975
Wiener Wellenflieger Zierer Waveswinger 2006


Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
Flug des Ikarus Morgan Balloon Race 1996 January 9, 2022 Unknown
Kamtschatka Airline Klub Thomson Simulator 1995 2005 Unknown
Monorail Mack Rides Monorail 1975 1989 Relocated to Pleasure Island Family Theme Park
Piraten in Batavia Mack Rides Dark Boat Ride 1987 2018 Destroyed by fire

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