Forest Rumbler

Roller coaster
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Forest Rumbler
Location Atlanta, Texas, USA
Status Standing but not operating since 2018
Manufacturer Kingdom Koasters LLC
Builder Kingdom Koasters LLC
Designer / calculations Kingdom Koasters LLC
Type Wood
Riders per train 1/2
Height 7 feet
Top speed 15 mph
Length 155 feet
Inversions 0
Duration 0:30

Forest Rumbler is a wooden roller coaster located in Atlanta, Texas, USA


In 2018, the coaster's original design was built, it was a simple shuttle coaster with a ladder to the top and a Rollback. later in 2018, a hill was added and the Rollback was moved.

In 2019, the Rollback was moved again and a 90° left turn was added before it.

In 2021, the Rollback was turned into a hill, and a new 7ft tall Rollback was added.

The coaster may be relocated to Kingdom Koasters, a private amusement park in Louisiana.



this roller coaster doesn't have a chain lift, riders must pull the car up themselves. After that, it runs like a traditional roller coaster.


Single train with 1 cars. In each car, riders are arranged inline in a single row, for a total of 1 riders per train.