Funland Park (Folkestone)

Amusement park in the United Kingdom
Funland Park
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Overview of the park and surrounding area in 2003
Folkestone, Kent, England, UK
Status Defunct
Operated 1964 or earlier to 2003
Owner Jimmy Godden
Previous names Rotunda Amusement Park
The site of the park in 2011

Funland Park was an amusement park located in Folkestone, Kent, England, UK.

Past roller coasters

Class Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Relocated
Powered Alpen Blitz Schwarzkopf Sit-down 1987 1987 or later Unknown
Roller Cyclone Pinfari Sit-Down 1983 1984 or later Unknown
Roller Magic Mouse Reverchon Spinning
Wild Mouse
1998 2003 Relocated to Fantasia Luna Park
Roller Mine Train L&T Systems Family 2001 2003 Relocated to Wonderland Pleasure Park
Roller Mini Dragon Pinfari Family 1998 c.1999 Unknown
Roller Mini Roller Coaster Lang Wheels Kiddie 1993 or earlier 1999 Unknown
Roller Runaway Coaster Unknown Wooden
Side Friction
1997 2002 Scrapped
Roller Super Figure Eight Schwarzkopf Sit-Down 1990 or earlier 1994 Relocated to Pleasurewood Hills

Closed attractions

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
Ali Baba A.R.M. Ali Baba 2001 2002 Relocated to Pleasurewood Hills
Bounty HUSS Pirate Ship 1986 1995 Relocated to Dreamland Margate
Carousel Robert Tidman Gallopers 1984 2003 Travelling UK
Castle Dracula Supercar Tracked Dark Ride 1986 2003 Scrapped
Century 2000 J. Bakker Denies Ramba Zamba/Swingaround 1980 1982 Relocated to Pleasurama Amusement Park
Dodgems Supercar Dodgems c.1980 1980s Unknown
Dodgems SDC Dodgems 1980s 2003 Unknown
Easy Rider R.J. Lakin Ark/Speedway 1978 1979 Travelling UK
Helter Skelter Supercar Helter Skelter 1984 2003 Relocated to Black Country Living Museum
Jets Lusse Jets 1978 1984 Relocated to Pleasurama Amusement Park
Log Flume Big Country Motioneering Log Flume 1988 2003 Relocated to Killarney Springs Family Park
Paratrooper Franklin Lifting Paratrooper 1993 or earlier 1997 Travelling UK
Polyp J. Bakker Denies Polyp 1988 1988 Travelling Netherlands
Speedway R.J. Lakin Monte Carlo Rally/Speedway Unknown 1980s Scrapped
Super Twist Walldren Engineering Twist 1982 1982 Relocated to Redcar Amusement Park
Trabant Chance Rides Trabant/Satellite 2000 2003 Unknown
Tri-Star HUSS Tri-Star 1996 2000 Relocated to Dreamland
Waltzer Maxwell Waltzer 1964 1969 Travelling UK
Waltzer Maxwell Waltzer 1971 1974 Travelling UK
Waltzer Maxwell Waltzer 1980 1991 Relocated to Coney Beach Pleasure Park
Waltzer Maxwell Waltzer 1992 2003 Unknown
Wave Swinger Preston & Barbieri Waveswinger 2001 2002 Travelling UK
Zig-Zag Safeco Twist 1980 1981 Relocated to Dymchurch Amusement Park

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