Live Oak Ladybug

Roller coaster in the United States
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Live Oak Ladybug
Carousel Gardens Amusement Park
Location New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Status Defunct
Operated 1988 to 2010
Replaced by Ladybug Roller Coaster
Manufacturer Zierer
Product Tivoli Medium
Designer / calculations Ing.-Büro Stengel GmbH
Type Steel - Family
Riders per train 24
Hourly capacity 1.000
Propulsion Booster Wheel Lift Hill
Area 127.8 feet × 75.5 feet
Height 19.7 feet
Top speed 19.9 mph
Length 652.9 feet
Inversions 0

Live Oak Ladybug was a steel family roller coaster located at Carousel Gardens Amusement Park in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.



Single train with 10 cars. In each car, riders are arranged 2 across in a single row, for a total of 20 riders per train.