Lost Island Theme Park

Amusement park in the United States
Lost Island Theme Park
Lost Island Theme Park logo.png
Waterloo, Iowa, USA
Coordinates 42°26′21″N 92°18′27″W / 42.439267°N 92.307403°W / 42.439267; -92.307403
Status Operating
Opened June 18, 2022
Owner Gary Bertch
Area 90 Acres
Website https://www.thelostisland.com/lost-island-theme-park/

Lost Island Theme Park is a theme park in Waterloo, Iowa, USA. The 90-acre (36 ha) park includes five themed Realms (lands), which feature numerous attractions; including three roller coasters. Lost Island Theme Park is owned by the Bertch family, who operates the Lost Island Waterpark, which is located next to the site of the theme park. Construction on Lost Island Theme Park began in August 2019.[1] It opened on June 18, 2022 with a budget of $100 million.[2]


Lost Island Theme Park was originally set to open on June 10, 2022, but was delayed by eight days until June 18. Only half of the rides were operating upon its debut.[3] The park closed on August 28, 2022, earlier than planned, due to low visitor numbers and staffing issues. It is expected to reopen in 2023.[4]

Roller coasters


Name Manufacturer Type Opened Status
Matugani Intamin Launched 2023 Under construction
Nopuko Air Coaster Vekoma Inverted June 18, 2022 Operating
Lokolo Unknown Family June 18, 2022 Operating



Name Manufacturer Type Opened
Shaman's Curse Zamperla Disk'O June 18, 2022
Volkanu: Quest for the Golden Idol ETF Ride Systems Trackless dark ride June 18, 2022
Rokava Moser's Rides Top Spin June 18, 2022
Mura Fury Zamperla Frisbee June 18, 2022
Yuta Falls Interlink Log Flume 2023
Zulawa Wave Unknown Musik Express 2022
Eeki Eeki Escape Unknown Jets 2022
Kukui Station Unknown Bumper Cars 2022
Alzanu's Eye Unknown Ferris Wheel 2022
Awaati Water Battle Mack Rides Splash Battle 2022
Nika's Gift Unknown Carousel 2022
Wakani Whirl Unknown Tea Cups 2022
Sea Swell Unknown Pirate Ship 2022
Amara Aviators Gerstlauer Sky Fly 2022
Dream Spinner Zierer Wave Swinger 2022
Skyborne S&S Turbo Drop 2022
Mama Pezaki Zamperla Crazy Bus 2022
Kapulele Gliders Zamperla Magic Bikes 2022
Mura Dancer Zamperla Pounce N' Bounce 2022
Golapa Sprouts Zamperla Samba Tower 2022
Ohu Hoppers Zamperla Jump Around 2022
Tuka Tumbler Zamperla Junior Ferris Wheel 2022


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