Non inverting loop

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A non inverting loop is an element first used on Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit in 2009. It is similar to a vertical loop but the track banking continuously changes so riders are never fully inverted.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

This list is ordered by opening date.

Name Park Manufacturer Opened Status
Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit Universal Studios Florida Maurer AG August 2009 Operating
Shock Rainbow MagicLand Maurer AG 2011 Operating
Superman Ultimate Flight Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Premier Rides May 30, 2012 Operating
Sky Scream Holiday Park Premier Rides April 12, 2014 Operating
Tempesto Busch Gardens Williamsburg Premier Rides April 25, 2015 Operating
Zombie Ride Bosque Mágico Premier Rides July 31, 2015 Operating
Flying Aces Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Intamin February 24, 2016 Operating
Phobia Phear Coaster Lake Compounce Premier Rides May 27, 2016 Operating
Soaring with Dragon Hefei Wanda Theme Park Intamin September 24, 2016 Operating
Hype Särkänniemi Premier Rides June 18, 2017 Operating
DC Rivals HyperCoaster Warner Bros. Movie World Mack Rides September 22, 2017 Operating
Sky Rocket Chimelong Paradise Premier Rides September 26, 2017 Operating
Electric Eel SeaWorld San Diego Premier Rides May 10, 2018 Operating
Tigris Busch Gardens Tampa Premier Rides April 19, 2019 Operating