Palisades Amusement Park

Amusement park in the United States
Palisades Amusement Park
Cliffside Park, New Jersey, USA
Status Defunct
Operated 1898 to September 12, 1971

Palisades Amusement Park was an amusement park previously located in Cliffside Park, New Jersey, USA. The park first opened in 1898 and closed on September 12, 1971.

Past roller coasters

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
Big Scenic Railway Joseph A. McKee Wooden 1911 1944 Destroyed by fire
Love Bugs Mack Rides Wild Mouse Enclosed April 2, 1966 September 12, 1971 Relocated to Paragon Park
Comet Harry C. Baker Wooden 1921 1925 Scrapped
Cyclone Harry G. Traver Wooden 1927 1934 Scrapped
Cyclone Philadelphia Toboggan Company Wooden 1945 September 12, 1971 Scrapped
Figure 8 Unknown Wooden 1908 Unknown Scrapped
Giant Coaster Joseph A. McKee Wooden 1952 September 12, 1971 Scrapped
Giant Coaster Federal Construction Co. Wooden 1919 1926 Scrapped
Jet Star Schwarzkopf Sit-Down 1969 1971 Unknown
Lake Placid Bobsled John Norman Bartlett Wooden 1937 1946 Scrapped
Skyrocket John A. Miller Wooden 1926 1944 Parts used to build Cyclone
Toboggan Racer Unknown Wooden 1911 1925 Scrapped
Virginia Reel Unknown Wooden Unknown 1944 Destroyed by fire
Wild Mouse Joseph A. McKee Wooden Wild Mouse 1957 September 12, 1971 Unknown
Wildcat Unknown Steel 1969 September 12, 1971 Unknown

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