Recoil (Wonderla Kochi)

Roller coaster in India
Wonderla Amusement Park Kochi
Location Kochi, Kerala, India
Coordinates 10°01′35″N 76°23′29″E / 10.026510°N 76.391401°E / 10.026510; 76.391401
Status Operating since 30 August 2017
Location Jamhour Haret El Sit, Mount Lebanon, Lebanon
Coordinates 33°49′28″N 35°34′02″E / 33.824394°N 35.567238°E / 33.824394; 35.567238
Operated 23 December 2004 to 2009-2011
Manufacturer Vekoma
Product Boomerang
Type Steel - Shuttle
Riders per train 28
Hourly capacity 760
Area 88 metres × 30 metres
Height 35.5 metres
Top speed 75.6 km/h
Length 285 metres
Track inversions 3
Rider inversions 6
Duration 1:48

Recoil is a steel shuttle roller coaster located at Wonderla Amusement Park Kochi in Kochi, Kerala, India. The coaster previously operated at Habtoorland in Lebanon. It is the 44th Boomerang roller coaster manufactured by Vekoma.[1]




Single train with 7 cars. In each car, riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows, for a total of 28 riders per train.


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