Spillman Engineering

Spillman Engineering
Image Courtesy | North Tonawanda History
Status Defunct
North Tonawanda, New York, USA
Founded 1916
In business 1916-1945
Predecessor Herschell-Spillman Engineering
Successor Allan Herschell Company

Spillman Engineering was an amusement park ride manufacturer based in the Buffalo, New York, USA suburb of North Tonawanda. The company was originally known as Herschell-Spillman Engineering until 1916 when Allan Herschell returned from retirement to form his own competing company, the Allan Herschell Company. Herschell-Spillman changed their name to prevent confusion between the two companies as they were no longer affiliated with one another.[1][2][3]


Allan Herschell, commonly referred to as the "Henry Ford of carousels", started his life's work in 1873 alongside partner James Armitage. The Armitage-Herschell Company became a premiere carousel company until 1899 following an economic downturn. Herschell was married to Ida Spillman whose family also owned an engineering company of their own. Ida's brothers merged their company with Herschell's and in 1903, the Herschell-Spillman Company began.[1][3]

By 1913, Allan Herschell's health declined and forced him into an early retirement. However, by 1915, Allan had recovered and had now formed his own company known as the Allan Herschell Company. The Herschell-Spillman Company made the decision to change their name in 1916 in order to prevent confusion between the two companies since Allan had now gone out on his own. The company changed its name at this time to Spillman Engineering Corp. and operated until 1945 when the Allan Herschell Company purchased Spillman Engineering Corporation.[1][3]


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