Spinner (Skara Sommarland)

Roller coaster in Sweden
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Skara Sommarland
Location Skara, Västra Götaland, Sweden
Status Operating since 2 June 2011
Rider height
  • Minimum: 120 cm
  • Min. unaccompanied: 140 cm
Location Oberhausen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Operated 2001 to 24 October 2010
Manufacturer Maurer Söhne
Type Steel - Spinning
Riders per train 4
Hourly capacity 650
Propulsion Chain lift hill
Area 32 metres × 17.4 metres
Height 11.1 metres
Top speed 36 km/h
Length 300 metres
Inversions 0
Drop angle 37°
Duration 1:08

Spinner is a steel spinning roller coaster built by German manufacturer Maurer Söhne currently located at Skara Sommarland in Skara, Västra Götaland, Sweden.


In 2001, the ride first opened at CentrO.Park in Germany as Speedy. It operated for less than a decade before its closure on 24 October 2010.

Speedy was relocated to Skara Sommarland, where it was renamed Spinner. The attraction opened on 2 June 2011.



6 cars. Riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows, for a total of 4 riders per car. Riders sit back to back, facing away from each other.

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