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Europa Park

amusement park
Europa Park
Europa Park logo.gif
Rust, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Status 1975
Owner The Mack family

Europa-Park is the most popular theme park in Germany. Having well over 4 million visitors in 2009, it is the most popular seasonal theme park in the world and is only behind Disneyland Paris (which opens year-round) in Europe. Europa-Park is located in Rust, in south-west Germany between Freiburg and Strasbourg. The park is split into fifteen different areas, mostly named after European countries or regions. Europa-Park is run by the Mack family which have produced vehicles since 1780, circus wagons since 1880 and rollercoasters since 1921. The park was opened in 1975 as a showcase for many of their different ride models - for example, the Wild Mouse roller coaster. The park has thirteen roller coasters.

Roller coasters[edit]

Present (13)[edit]

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Status
Alpenexpress Mack Rides Powered 1984 Operating
Arthur Mack Rides Suspended 2014 Operating
Atlantica SuperSplash Mack Rides Water 2005 Operating
Ba-a-a Express Mack Rides Kiddie 2016 Operating
Blue Fire Mack Rides Launched 2009 Operating
Euro Mir Mack Rides Spinning 1997 Operating
Eurosat Mack Rides Enclosed 1989 Operating
Matterhorn Blitz Mack Rides Wild Mouse 1999 Operating
Pegasus Mack Rides Family 2006 Operating
Poseidon Mack Rides Water 2000 Operating
Schweizer Bobbahn Mack Rides Bobsled 1985 Operating
Silver Star Bolliger & Mabillard Hyper 2002 Operating
Wodan Timbur Coaster Great Coasters International Wooden 2012 Operating