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This article is about the roller coaster at Thorpe Park. For the roller coaster formerly named "Stealth", see Nighthawk.
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roller coaster
Stealth (Thorpe Park) 01.jpg
Thorpe Park
Location Chertsey, Surrey, England, UK
Status Operating since March 15, 2006
Cost £12,000,000
Height restriction 55in (140cm)
Manufacturer Intamin
Designer / calculations Ing.-Büro Stengel GmbH
Type Steel - Launched
Model / product Accelerator Coaster
Riders per train 20
Propulsion Hydraulic Launch
Height205.1 feet
Top speed80 mph
Length1,312.3 feet
Steepest drop90 degrees°
The entrance to Stealth

Stealth is an Intamin launched roller coaster located at Thorpe Park in Surrey, England. The ride is the fastest roller coaster in the United Kingdom.


After the 0-80 mph launch, the train travels up the 205 ft main hill (which features a 90-degree vertical twist), over the top hat element and back down. After that there is a hill which has brakes on the end.

Stealth has a transfer track, located in a warehouse beside the ride.

Comparison to Zaturn[edit]

Stealth opened approximately 1½ months earlier than Zaturn at Space World, and is almost identical to Zaturn. However, Zaturn takes 2.3 seconds to launch whereas Stealth takes 1.8 seconds. Also Zaturn's average top speed is 0.3 mph (0.48 km/h) faster than Stealth's and as well as being 0.9 feet (0.28 meters) shorter. Also, the ride's maximum G-Force is 0.5G lower than Zaturn.