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Motorbike roller coaster

Velocity Brake Run.jpg


Special trains are used to create a more open feeling, with no sides and special restraints.


Booster Bike (2004)


Booster Bike (2004)


Wave Breaker: The Rescue Coaster (2017)


Vekoma, Golden Horse, Intamin, Zamperla

A motorbike roller coaster (sometimes called a boosterbike roller coaster) is a type of steel roller coaster trains introduced by Vekoma. The unique feature of a motorbike coaster is the trains, wich are side-less and have unique restraints. They are typically modeled after motorbikes, but jet-ski and horse-shaped trains also exist.



Velocity train closeup.jpg

Vekoma were the first manufacturer to produce a Moterbike coaster, with their Moterbike Coaster model line. The first installation was the Booster Bike at Toverland in the Netherlands, opened in 2004. A second, Velocity opened in 2005 at Flamingo Land in the United Kingdom.

The Vekoma model line has a single 9 car train, wich is hydraulically launched into a twisting layout. Riders sit upon a motorbike, with special restraints, allowing free upper-body movement.

Vekoma demonstrated this concept using NoLimits, and is included as a track style in the commercial version of the software.


Jet Rescue (Sea World) 01.jpg

Intamin was the second manufacturer to come up with a motorbike roller coaster design. Their design utilizes drive tires to launch its trains.


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Zamperla was the third manufacturer to come up with a motorbike roller coaster design. Their product, called the "MotoCoaster" uses a flywheel to launch the train.