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Mystic Timbers

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roller coaster
Mystic Timbers
Kings Island
Location Mason, Ohio, United States
Status Under construction, planned to open April 15, 2017
Height restriction 46 inches (110 cm)
Manufacturer Great Coasters International
Type Wooden
Propulsion Chain lift hill
Height109 feet
Top speed53 mph
Length3,265 feet
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Mystic Timbers is wooden roller coaster currently under construction at Kings Island in Mason, Ohio, USA. It was manufactured by Great Coasters International and is planned to open on April 15, 2017.


Mystic Timbers was announced on July 28, 2016. While the layout of the ride was revealed, the final enclosed element of the ride has been kept a secret.


Mystic Timbers looks like a near-clone of Prowler at Worlds of Fun.


Mystic Timbers will be located in the Rivertown themed area of Kings Island. Judging by renderings, it looks as though there will be some kind of theatrical element to the coaster, as just before the ride ends, guests are shown to go into a themed building. The theatrical element has also been hinted at by Kings Island's PR team, who have used the hashtag "WhatsInTheShed" to market the ride.

There is a single tunnel along the course of the ride.