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Blackpool Pleasure Beach Whip vehicles

The Whip is an amusement ride containing a rotating center drive, and free-pivoting gondolas, resulting in the vehicle swinging outwards during each rotation.


The Whip was originally produced by William F. Mangels, and patented in 1914.[1]


Each gondola consists of 4 freely rotating wheels, connected to a motor-powered drive-cable. As the ride rotates, each gondola swings outwards, providing a lateral "whip" sensation, where the ride gets its name from. [2]

Some smaller, "kiddie whips" were produced, specifically designed for children. Some feature circular platforms, instead of the ovular ones found on the larger models.

Junior Suspended variants also exist, which follow similar motions to that of a normal Whip but riders sit in gondolas suspended from a track above.

Example of a kiddy whip, (Rye Playland)


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