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Welcome to Coasterpedia! This website is a collaborative amusement ride encyclopedia that anyone can edit.


Getting started

The VisualEditor is designed to be easy to learn, so feel free to dive in! Don't worry about making a mistake, as it's easily reverted. Alternatively, read the Editing help pages. Experienced users will find using the source editor quicker most of the time. You can edit any page or just view the source code with the "Edit source" button.

Further tools


All images have to be uploaded to Coasterpedia before being incorporated into articles. They are stored in the "File" namespace, or in other words all image names begin with "File:".

User accounts

To get the most out of Coasterpedia, creating an account is recommended.

Further help

MediaWiki, the software used by Coasterpedia, has help pages with information that will help when editing any wiki which uses the MediaWiki software. Alternatively, you can ask an administrator or join our Discord channel.