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Disambiguation pages help readers and editors find the article they are looking for when Coasterpedia covers multiple subjects with the same name. They are intended to be scanned quickly. Please avoid linking to disambiguation pages and instead link to the correct article.

A list of disambiguation pages exists at Special:DisambiguationPages. A list of articles that link to disambiguation pages can be found at Special:DisambiguationPageLinks.

Style guidelines

Disambiguation pages take the form of one or more bulleted lists. To keep the wiki consistent please follow the following guidelines:

  • Include the {{disambig}} template on the first line. This tells the software that the article is a disambiguation page and adds a notice to help readers.
  • Only one italicised link per bullet. This reduces clutter making it quicker to use the disambiguation page.
  • Disambiguation pages are not intended to be exhaustive lists. There is no requirement for a disambiguation page to be "complete".
  • Entries are ordered alphabetically by the name of the ride, and then by the name of the park.


A simple disambiguation page, Hello Kitty Angel Coaster, is formatted as follows:

Three roller coasters are called "Hello Kitty Angel Coaster":
*''[[Hello Kitty Angel Coaster (Harmonyland)|Hello Kitty Angel Coaster]]'' at Harmonyland
*''[[Hello Kitty Angel Coaster (Lina World)|Hello Kitty Angel Coaster]]'' at Lina World
*''[[Hello Kitty Angel Coaster (Seibuen Yuenchi)|Hello Kitty Angel Coaster]]'' at Seibuen Yuenchi