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This is a working list of different ride types. Please feel free to expand it or discuss it on the discussion page.

Flat rides



Name Notes Product Category
Air Race A product from Zamperla.
Balloon Race
Balloon Tower
Bayern Kurve
Cakewalk An old ride with moving walkways that riders must navigate.
Calypso Like a "Twist"/"Scrambler" ride but tilted.
Capriolo A product from Mondial. Similar to a Booster, but only one end of the arm has a gondola.
Carousel Includes Gallopers and double-decker rides. Also known as Merry-go-Round or Roundabout.
Chair-O-Plane A spinning ride. Does not tilt, unlike the Waveswinger. Includes Intamin Flying Dutchman?
Chaos A product from Chance Rides.
Condor A HUSS product, though similar rides have since been produced by Chinese companies.
Crazy Bus A product from Zamperla.
Crazy Daisy
Cycle Monorail
Dinghy Waterslides
Disk'O Introduced by Zamperla, now built by multiple companies.
Dodgems Also known as "Bumper Cars".
Drop Tower
Evolution Similar to a frisbee ride that makes a full inversion, but the seats also tilt. Both Fabbri and Nauta Bussink have made these.
Experience A product from KMG.
Ferris Wheel Also known as Big Wheel.
Flight Trainer A product from Intamin.
Flipper Also known as Superbowl. Superbowl/Flipper
Flying Carpet Also known as a Magic Carpet. Riders face toward each-other.
Flying Coaster
Flying Island An observation ride from Intamin.
Flying Scooters
Free Fall "Free Fall" was an Intamin product. Intamin is the only company that has produced this sort of ride. Unlike later drop tower rides, this was a tracked ride.
Frisbee Includes fully inverting frisbee rides, variants with seats facing outward, inward, and the original inward-facing seats with floor.
Funhouse A walk-through attraction.
Giant Slide Also known as Astroglide or Fun Slide.
Happy Swing A product from Zamperla.
Helter Skelter Also known as a Slip. A spiral-shaped slide.
Hexentanz A product produced by Zierer.
Hot Air Balloon Ride A product produced by W.G.H. Transportation Engineering
Jets Small vehicles spin round a central point. Each gondola rises and falls independently of another.
Jolly Tubes Simple faiground ride consisting of a walk-through hollow spinning tube.
Jump & Smile
Log Flume
Looper/Rock 'n' Roll
Madhouse Large motorised type. Includes Vekoma Mad House and Mack Mystery Swing rides.
Magic A product from HUSS.
Miniature Railway Only railways within parks are covered.
Mixer A product from Zamperla.
Monorail May be used for transport and/or observation. Only monorails within parks are counted.
Moonrocket Produced by Maxwell and Lakin in the UK and Allan Herschell in the US.
Move It Also known as Spin Out. The entire platform on which this ride sits, spins.
Musik Express Aso known as Superbob. Information
NebulaZ A product from Zamperla.
Observation Tower Spinning observation tower. Single or double-decker.
Octopus Fairly simple spinning ride with rising and falling cars. Could be viewed as a simpler version of the Polyp.
Orbiter Also known as Extreme.
Paratower A tower ride with parachutes.
Pegasus A product from Technical Park.
Pirate Ship Also known as Galleon. A non-inverting pendulum ride.
Pony Trek
Power Surge A product from Zamperla.
Quasar A spinning ride that looks similar to an Enterprise, but it doesn't tilt up, rather it wobbles while spinning.
Ranger Also known as a Traum Boot.
Rainbow Also known as Ali Baba. Riders face outward. Usually has a single boom but includes the Chance Falling Star which has two.
River Rapids
Rock-O-Plane Looks like a ferris wheel, but riders can control the vertical spinning of their car. A skilled rider can apply the brake to perform loops or keep their car upside-down.
Rockin' Tug Smaller than a Disk'O
Ropeway Also known as Cable Car.
Rotor Also known as Gravitron.
Round-Up Also known as Meteorite. Includes the more extreme HUSS "UFO" ride
Satellite Also known as Trabant.
Santa Maria Also known as Shuttle Boat. A product from Schwarzkopf. Like a Pirate Ship on rails, or a Disk'O but with the spinning car swapped for a non-spinning pirate ship.
Scrambler Also known as Cha Cha, Sizzler, Twist.
Screamin' Swing A product from S&S Worldwide. A giant swing ride which does not spin.
Sea Storm
Shoot The Chute
Skid Also known as Swirl, Ben Hur.
Sky Fly A product from Gerstlauer.
Sky Racer Originally a product from Gerstlauer, later copied by SBF Visa
Sky Roller A product from Gerstlauer
Sky Sling A product from S&S Worldwide.
Sky Swat A product from S&S Worldwide.
Sky Wheel Also known as Double Ferris Wheel. Produced by Allan Herschell Company who were acquired by Chance Rides in 1970.
Splash Battle
Star Flyer
Steam Yachts A ride produced by Savage.
Super Loop Also known as Ring of Fire.
Super Nova Super Nova produced by Mondial, Canyon Trip produced by Soriani & Moser. Like a Vekoma Waikiki Wave but the seats face inward, towards the centre of the ride.
Superstar Produced by UK firms Protech and Northern Amusements. Riders sit at the end of arms attached to a spinning central point. This is in turn attached to an arm which raises riders into the air then also spins.
Take Off
Top Spin Includes variants such as Waikiki Wave by Vekoma, where each arm is able to rotate independently.
Top Scan A ride with a single arm with seats at the end. The seats rock while the arm moves to create a unique ride experience.
Tornado Riders sit in four-person suspended cars, whose spinning can be controlled by the rider. These cars are suspended from a central, spinning tower.
Tri-Star A product from HUSS.
Tube Slide
Tumble Bug A ride with a circular track with one or more bumps. Features a "train" which is attached to a central spinning point. Includes the original Traver "Tumble Bug" rides and the modern "Bayern Express" rides from Gerstlauer.
Twin Spin A product from A.R.M. Riders sit on a spinning disc which is raised up and spun vertically.
Twist 'n' Splash A combination of Tea cups and a Splash battle
Typhoon Similar to the Passat ride (a precursor to the Enterprise), but the spinning section of the ride travels up and over an upside-down U shaped track.
Waltzer Similar to a Tilt-A-Whirl, popular in the UK.
Waveswinger Like the Chair-O-Plane, but the top part tilts when the ride is at speed.
Zipper A product from Chance Rides.

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Omitted rides

Due to their size, ubiquity, and difficulty to track, some attraction types are deliberately omitted from ride lists. These attractions do not warrant articles, though where reliable sources are available information on them may be added in the "History" section on the amusement park page.