Round Up

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A Hrubetz-built portable Round Up ride

The Round Up (also known as the Meteorite) is a type of spinning ride introduced in the United States in 1954. It is a portable ride capable of being packed in to a single trailer.[1]

It consists of a circular disk, attached to an arm, with a wall around the edge with individual places for riders to lean against. Riders stand facing inward. The ride begins by spinning the disk, keeping riders in place with the centripetal force of the wall (in other words, the spinning action pushes riders against the outer wall, keeping them in place). Once a sufficient speed is reached, the arm raises the disk such that it is at an approximately 50 degree angle.

A variant on the Round-Up is the UFO, built by HUSS Park Attractions. Introduced in 1978, riders stand within enclosed four-person gondolas, allowing the ride to safely operate at almost a 90-degree angle.[2]


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