Coasterpedia and Tilt-A-Wiki is a website that documents roller coasters, thrill rides, amusement parks and all related companies, people and technology. Founded on 1 August 2009, it currently has 15,494 articles which anybody can edit. It is a collaborative effort which relies on volunteers to expand it and keep it updated. It runs on MediaWiki, the same software used on Wikipedia and is a not-for-profit project hosted by Lachlan. That being said, if you appreciate this website and wish to make a donation towards its upkeep, you can do so here.

A brief history

The wiki was started on Wikia (now Fandom) on 1 August 2009 by Kirby22 though little content was added at this time. After almost a year, MontagnaMagica picked up the website and, following large amounts of effort on his part, the website grew and attracted several new users, some of whom became administrators.

In 2013, Lachlan forked the wiki, setting Coasterpedia up as an independent website. Coasterpedia continued to grow in subsequent years. Meanwhile, in March 2018, the Tilt-A-Wiki project was restarted. This wiki, dedicated to flat rides, was also hosted by Wikia however the decision was taken to start from scratch in 2018. The website grew thanks to Jason foulkes who worked on the project.

In 2019, Lachlan and Jason decided to combine Tilt-A-Wiki and Coasterpedia into a single wiki. The move took place in December, adding more than 3,000 articles to this project.

The 10,000th article, Star Force Orbiter, was created by contributor Loch Ness on 29 January 2021. In March, the 150,000th edit was made. The wiki has remained active since then. In August 2022, the editcount was over 200,000. The 14,000th article was Sky Wheel (Janfusun Fancyworld).

Why Coasterpedia?

The aim of Coasterpedia is to collect the world's knowledge of rides into one place. It has a broader scope than Wikipedia, which has stricter guidelines on what can have its own article.

  • For searching for roller coasters based on certain parameters, and for pictures and statistics, see the RCDB
  • For a map of roller coasters across the world, see Coast2Coaster
  • For counting your ridden roller coasters, and for pictures and information on travelling roller coasters, see Coaster-Count
  • For articles, historical information, lists and Creative Commons licensed images, this is the website you are looking for

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